Carlo Emilio Gadda

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Gadda, Carlo Emilio


Born Nov. 14, 1893, in Milan. Italian writer.

Gadda began his literary career at the end of the 1920’s. His talent unfolded after Italy’s liberation from fascism: the antifascist collection Stories From the Duchy Aflame (1953) and the satirical-grotesque novel Acquainted With Grief (final version, 1963). His most characteristic work is the novel That Awful Mess on Via Merulana (1948; final version, 1957), which depicts life in Rome under fascism. Uniquely interwoven in Gadda’s works are elements of verism and satire as well as a refined psychologism. The writer exposes the mores of bourgeois Italy. Elements of various dialects and slang are merged in Gadda’s complex language.


La madonna dei filosofi. Florence, 1931.
Il castello di Udine. Florence, 1934.
Eros e Priapo. Milan, 1967.
La Meccanica. Milan, 1970.


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