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'We also demand that the investigation team for both the security agencies and the Commission of Enquiry should include the representatives of the customers (preferably CACM leadership) to ensure transparency in handling the whole Menzgold saga,' they argued.
During the intervention program, symptoms (angina, chest pain, dyspnoea, and/or palpitations) were monitored, and according to the individual case, patients were given access to the CACM program immediately or within 24 hours.
For a discussion of the CACM model instruction, see infra
The CACM leave extract was added to an aliquot of 25 ml nutrient broth in an amount which would achieved the concentration of 0.5, 1 and 2 fold MIC.
He presently is on the editorial board of Communications for the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM).
En estos anos se dio un desplazamiento importante de la sociologia funcional-estructuralista y la sociologia critica hacia la sociologia de la cultura en Mexico y America Latina, lo cual propicio un vinculo particular entre los estudios socioculturales y los estudios de la comunicacion; esto a su vez implico que se generalizo no solo como una de sus principales fuentes cientificas, sino la manera de pensar y generar conocimientos sobre la comunicacion, que se puede observar en la forma como el Campo Academico de la Comunicacion en Mexico (CACM) se establecio a mediados de los anos ochenta, se desarrollo en los noventa y se mueve hoy en dia.
LAIA) Barbados CARICOM (c) Malaysia ASEAN Benin CEAO (c), ECOWAS (b) Malawi SADCC (a), ESAS- PTA Bolivia ANDEAN (b), LAFTA Mali ACM, CEAO, ECOWAS Brazil LAFTA Mauritius ESAS-PTA Cameroon CEEAC (c), UDEAC (b) Mexico LAFTA Chile ANDEAN, LAFTA Pakistan China Panama Colombia ANDEAN, LAFTA Papua New Guinea Costa Rica CACM (b) Paraguay LAFTA Dom.
We observed 34.8% increase in precision for a subset of CACM queries.
The legacy programs for the CACM and the CPCM were administered twice a year and were based on the contract management body of knowledge.