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Table 2 Panel unit root tests in the presence of cross-sectional dependence (EU-28, 1980-2015) Variable Specification Constant and trend Constant EU-28 GGR 0.998 (0.841) 1.351 (0.912) GGTE 0.787 (0.784) 1.793 (0.963) GGNPL 1.524 (0.936) 3.282 (0.999) GGGD 2.740 (0.997) 2.021 (0.978) EMU GGR 1.390 (0.918) 0.468 (0.680) GGTE -0.216 (0.414) 0.752 (0.774) GGNPL 0.682 (0.752) 2.148 (0.984) GGGD 1.061 (0.856) 3.644(1.000) Notes: Pesaran's CADF test, Z-t-bar or t-bar statistics.
The presence of the cadF, cdtA, cdtB, and cdtC genes plus that of the full cdt cluster and the iam marker was determined by PCR [23] (Table 1).
CADF director Dr Francesca Rossi said "the targeted control strategy was discussed daily taking into account the performance of riders and other data".
Where [t.sub.i] is OLS t-ratio of the [[rho].sub.i] in the CADF regression and its critical values are tabulated by Pesaran (2007).
(16) This test proposed by Pesaran (2007) is called "cross-sectionally augmented Dickey-Fuller (CADF) test," which is based on the regression:
A statement from the UCI read: "The UCI has also engaged the international auditors KPMG to carry out a review of the governance of the UCI, as well as that of the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF), reporting back in time for its findings to be debated in the consultation process."
Pesaran (2007) propone el test CIPS, cuyo estadistico de prueba es la media de seccion cruzada de los ratios t de los coeficientes MCO de [], en la regresion CADF (cross-sectionally augmented ADF] individual para cada unidad economica del panel.
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd, today announced that it has received board approval to participate in China Airlines' secondary equity offering up to a maximum amount of NT3.5 billion, at the issue price of NT11.73 per share, after confirming China Aviation Development Foundation's (CADF) participation in the offering as aforementioned.