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In addition, we also conduct unit-root tests for possibly cross-sectionally dependent data applying CADF tests by Pesaran (2007) using Equation (3) and its test statistics, CIPS, defined as Equation (4).
Hashem Pesaran, Takeshi Yamagata, Syed Basher and Carrion-i-Silvestre for providing Gauss codes for running the CD, CADF and CIPS tests, and the CBL panel stationarity tests with multiple-structural breaks, respectively.
Table 6 The Pesaran CADF Unit-Root Test Results With With Intercept Intercept and Trend Country [CADF.
19) Hansen's Table 4 shows that the CADF tests are correctly sized as well.
DMTF's CADF will develop open standards for cloud auditing, which will instill customers with greater trust in cloud hosted applications.
Specifications and profiles produced by the CADF will help protect the investments of companies seeking to move their applications to cloud deployment models and preserve their ability to audit operational processes, regardless of their chosen cloud provider.
The CADF forms a key piece of DMTF's overall cloud strategy.
Supply of electricity to utilities of CADF SpA for the period from 01.