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Les fameux decideurs de la CAF sont venus au Maroc avec une decision prise au prealable.
In an official response from CAF to New African, as far back as 7 April, on the controversial issue, which was the subject of a stormy CAF general assembly in Zurich, Switzerland, on the eve of the last FIFA presidential election, this is what they had to say:
The card, which is linked to the CAF Cash current account, is free for all CAF Cash Account holders and all standard transactions are free.
Following the finalisation of CenturyLink's CAF II six-year build-out plan over the coming months, construction is expected to begin in early 2016.
Restlessness from West Africa, CAF's largest sub-region, in which many countries have expressed their willingness to participate in an open revolt against the current CAF leadership, has ended up in the mysterious dismemberment of the West African Football Union (WAFU), the region's football association.
Reportedly, the seller of CAF and of the debt portfolio serviced by CAF are affiliates of Lone Star Funds, a global private equity firm.
CAF has had a presence in the UK rail market since the 1990s, supplying units for the Heathrow Express link from the airport to Paddington in that decade.
Le patron de la CAF a preside dimanche, au siege de l'institution au Caire, une reunion avec l'ensemble du personnel.
If practitioners do not have a CAF number, they may enter "none" in the CAF number section on the form, and the IRS will assign one.
The FRMF had requested from the CAF a postponement of the 2015 tournament, but CAF rejected the idea.
Appeles a une reunion urgente, dimanche dernier au Caire, les decideurs de la CAF n'ont pu que constater les degats en prenant acte de la decision rendue par le TAS dans l'affaire portee devant cette instance internationale par la Federation Royale Marocaine de Football.
Morocco was on Tuesday stripped of the right to host the finals with the north African country also disqualified from taking part in the tournament after its request for a postponement was rejected by CAF.