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The origin of CAFs from the left coronary artery (LCA) was found in 18 (52.9%) cases, from the right coronary artery (RCA) in 12 (35.3%) cases, and from both LCA and RCA in four (11.8%) cases.
From a cute pastel-tinged ambience to a cosy grunge vibe - Japan is dotted with trendy cafes that celebrate some of the fascinating concepts you could imagine.
CAFs are rare but very important clinical entity and represent abnormal connection between one or more coronary arteries and an adjacent cardiac chamber or vascular structure.
And the popular Halfway caf, which has been serving refreshments on the Llanberis path for many years, also reopened after a winter break on Saturday.
"However our current permission process is not as business-friendly as it could be, which means many street cafs are choosing to bypass it."
The caf in Alcester will be at the Pavillion, St Faith's Road, officially opening on Thursday at noon.