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In 2 nights of observation, he found more mating females near caged moths than near empty cages.
UNSUITABLE: Jason tan turned his back on working in an office to become a cage fighter Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY' CAGED TIGER: Jason Tan in his new work clothes
Although I have been swimming with sharks for years as an indie filmmaker in Hollywood, when it was suggested I try it literally while on a visit to Cape Town, South Africa, I said, "Absolutely not!" I have no fear of the beastly man-eating machines with the bad rap, but I am terrified of being caged and dipped underwater.
Stocked with creatures seized by the Revolutionary armies from all over Europe (a sort of zoological Louvre) it was, significantly, laid out like a Picturesque park -- a Rousseauesque semblance of Nature -- while the buildings themselves housed caged animals as if in museum display cabinets.