computer-aided software engineering

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computer-aided software engineering

[kəm′pyüd·ər ‚ād·əd ‚sȯft‚wer en·jə′nir·iŋ]
(computer science)
The use of software packages to assist in all phases of the development of an information system, including analysis, design, and programming. Abbreviated CASE.
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(1) See computer case.

(2) (Computer-Aided Software Engineering or Computer-Aided Systems Engineering) Software that is used in any and all phases of developing an information system, including analysis, design and programming. For example, data dictionaries and diagramming tools aid in the analysis and design phases, while application generators speed up the programming phase.

Higher-Level Describing and Less Programming
CASE tools provide automated methods for designing and documenting traditional structured programming techniques. The ultimate goal of CASE is to provide a language for describing the overall system that is sufficient to generate all the necessary programs. See application generator. See also case statement.
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The market - in her case technology industries - must plan ahead: "Knowing what to focus their resources on can be hard to predict."
Improvements in display case technology are reducing or eliminating many of these challenges by allowing more product to be shown to greater advantage with more reliable temperature control.
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But while in this case technology has not produced simplicity, what it has done is empower me and so many others with the ability to reach out directly to the people I need to reach, and do it in formats that allow my audience to do more with my message.
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The schoolbag has been locked in a safe in case technology will allow it to provide more evidence.
Although Gartner's current projection seems to be reason for optimism, the research firm said vendors should prepare contingencies in case technology spending growth slows down or a so-called "double dip" recession occurs, given remaining economic uncertainties.
Later chapters describe an integrative model of deductive-inductive commonsense reasoning, a model of fuzzy commonsense reasoning, object-oriented technology for expert system generation, and case technology for psycho-diagnostic system generation.