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FrontLine Group, a division of CBV Collection Services Ltd.
IAPAR--Londrina: resultados do calculo do Carbono na Biomassa Vegetal Total (CBV), por especie, 2014 Especies CBV * (t/ha/ano) Moringa oleifera 9,57 Croton florib undus 7,79 Trema micrantha 15,30 Gliricidia sepium 1,20 Senna macranthera 6,73 Heliocarpus popayanensis 25,30 Mimosa scabrella 2,46 Nota: (*) Os calculos foram realizados com valores medios de quatro repeticoes Fonte: dados referentes ao experimento (2014)
16) Figure 4 depicts an example of uncorrected and corrected CBV maps as well as the K2 image, a by-product of the mathematical correction process.
It is well known that disruption of the blood brain barrier, as is common in high grade tumors, can lead to inaccurate measures of CBV [14].
The CBV filler is the first in a family of craniomaxillofacial surgery products that incorporate the TRS's novel skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration technology platform, the start-up medical device company said.
To understand the genetic relatedness of isolates in India that belonged to an EV type to those from other countries, we performed initially phylogenetic analyses of VP1 sequences of isolates from India that belonged to the prevalent EV71, E13, and CBV types with a large number of VP1 sequences representing different genogroups or subgenogroups within the types available in GenBank.
The EGB and CBV are both opened and the gas temperature maintained above 300AC.
The CBV allows a value chain-based, long-term vision because it is focused on growth and change.
One of another major duty of CBV Mapping is about to make the dimension unified for example, 3.
222-23), asi como las "llamadas telefonicas malintencionadas" o "agresiones sonoras", que ahora son consideradas como CBV y castigadas con maximo un ano de prision (art.
The average values for IDVG and CBV were similar in both groups, and ECW was greater in the septic group (Table 2).