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The Government Centre for Information Systems.

(Originally "Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency").

CCTA is part of the Office of Public Service and Science, which works to improve government's services to the public. They are responsible for stimulating and promoting the effective use of Information Systems in support of the efficient delivery of business objectives and improved quality of services by the public sector.

CCTA had to change its name as it was not an agency in the "Next Steps" sense. The letters were retained as customers were familiar with them.

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Address: Norwich, UK.
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(Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, London, An agency of the U.K. government's Office of Government Commerce that has been providing IT advice and guidance to the public sector for over 25 years. CCTA has also taken a lead in bringing public and private sector organizations together to develop such world class "best practice" methodologies for IT professionals as SSADM for systems analysis and design, PRINCE 2 for IT and business project management and ITIL for IT service management. See ITIL and PRINCE 2.
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The researchers compared the CCTA scans of people who went on to have a heart attack or cardiovascular death within five years with those who did not to understand the changes in the blood vessels which indicate that someone is at higher risk of a heart attack.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate genetic diversity of CctA (cctA), neuraminidase (nanA), and flagellin (fliC) across strains from different origins and periods of isolation in Brazil.
(3) More recently, CCTA has demonstrated to be an excellent, noninvasive diagnostic alternative test for evaluation of congenital cardiac vascular anomalies in adults.
Fitch believes the authority has adequately mitigated the risk to bondholders of an unexpected termination of the outstanding swap agreements (estimated negative mark-to-market value of $17 million after the refunding) with the credit quality of the swap provider (Bank of America, N.A., 'AA-'/Stable), the subordination of any potential termination payments, CCTA's market access and its substantial liquidity position with an estimated $159.7 million in readily available funds as of March 31, 2018.
Concurrently, the medical center commenced a registry for all CCTA patients, to monitor any changes in medical and costs outcomes at a micro level resulting from the new CCTA protocol.
The researchers found that 19 and 11 percent of CCTA and SE patients, respectively, were hospitalized at presentation (P = 0.026).
For the present study, patients undergoing CCTA during routine clinical care were included prospectively at the University Medical Centre Mannheim (UMM), Germany.
Additionally, it is remarkable that leukemia recurrence was suggested prospectively by the CCTA findings of LCx narrowing and soft tissue infiltration of the lateral left ventricular wall.
CCTA is validated as a potential alternative to coronary angiography for diagnosing and grading the severity of CAD in a large number of patients [19,51].
Several scores that can be estimated based on routine evaluation with coronary CT, such as the coronary artery calcium score (CACS) and Gai's CCTA plaque score, have been developed for clinical use,[sup][1],[11],[12],[13] but few studies have evaluated whether these scores are associated with FFR.
For example, CCTA revealed no difference in plaque volume between patients with and without metabolic disease.
Amplification of universal oligonucleotide sequence and alpha toxin gene (Ccta)