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The Government Centre for Information Systems.

(Originally "Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency").

CCTA is part of the Office of Public Service and Science, which works to improve government's services to the public. They are responsible for stimulating and promoting the effective use of Information Systems in support of the efficient delivery of business objectives and improved quality of services by the public sector.

CCTA had to change its name as it was not an agency in the "Next Steps" sense. The letters were retained as customers were familiar with them.

E-mail: <>.

Address: Norwich, UK.


(Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, London, An agency of the U.K. government's Office of Government Commerce that has been providing IT advice and guidance to the public sector for over 25 years. CCTA has also taken a lead in bringing public and private sector organizations together to develop such world class "best practice" methodologies for IT professionals as SSADM for systems analysis and design, PRINCE 2 for IT and business project management and ITIL for IT service management. See ITIL and PRINCE 2.
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We retrospectively evaluated data from patients who underwent both CCTA and ICA and a subsequent measurement of FFR at People's Liberation Army General Hospital from June 2012 to June 2016.
The quality of the CCTA images is characterized by the degree and detail of enhanced structures in relationship to background organs and soft tissues (Figure 4).
CCTA images were analyzed by a cardiologist with level III ACC/ACR certified imaging expert in accordance with SCCT guidelines [13].
However, CCTA is better than CCA in showing origin, course and termination of the coronary artery, and its relationship to the great arteries and cardiac structures by using multiplanar reformation, three-dimensional volumerendering and maximum intensity projection techniques (4-6).
In this section, we briefly describe the idea of multi-scale CCTA and then discuss how to combine the spectral graph partitioning with multi-scale CCTA into our new framework.
For the patients whose CCTA results indicated no CAD, the annualized rate of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) was 0.
A study reported in the July 18, 2007, Journal of the American Medical Association found the increased lifetime estimated risk of developing cancer following a CCTA study was i in 143 for a 20-year-old woman and i in 715 for a 60-year-old woman--a sufficient difference that "extra caution should be exercised before ordering this test for women in their 20s to 40s," he said.
Participants included almost 4,900 patients undergoing CCTA at 15 hospital imaging centers ranging from small community hospitals to large academic centers.
Three independent radiologists interpreted the CCTA images, and one independent radiologist interpreted the QCA images.
The CCTA is especially concerned about the integrity of Bell ExpressVu, a satellite provider owned by BCE Inc.
Pink Elephant is not affiliated with any hardware or software vendor and is accredited by the Examination Institute for Information Science, the Information Systems Examinations Board and the CCTA.