CCTV surveillance system

closed-circuit TV surveillance system

A system comprised of a TV camera and a monitor connected by a coaxial cable; designed to provide visual surveillance; often an important adjunct to a building security system.
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Tenders are invited for Supplying Installation Testing And Commissioning Of Access Control System And Cctv Surveillance System At National Archives Of India Annexe Building Janpath New Delhi
The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Abu Dhabi Police recently uncovered a security loophole in the CCTV Surveillance system, which allows hackers to remotely access these devices used in homes, schools and business environments via the default vendor username and password if they haven't been changed by the customer once installed and operated.
Will take immediate decisions for additional classrooms, media library, CCTV surveillance system, complaint cell, working of Pakistan School Seeb branch till Class VIII by August, 2014.
Ltd, an established Property Procurement and Development company of Hyderabad has chosen the BuildTrack[TM] CCTV surveillance system for the safety and security for some of their executive needs.
In an e-mail to residents, Emr said: "Your wellbeing, safety and security are our primary concerns and therefore we are pleased to inform you of a new initiative in your community - an Automated Access Control System (CS) and a CCTV surveillance system are to be installed at the gatehouse vehicle entry/exit point to your community.
EMC Corporation announced this week that La Cigale Hotel, a five-star unit based in Doha, Qatar, has selected EMC Isilon as storage solutions provider in deploying its IP CCTV surveillance system.
CISF Chief emphasised that CCTV surveillance system must be utilised efficiently and even smallest observation pertaining to security, be responded quickly.
The site, which is at the junction of Golden Acres Lane and Herald Way, is covered by a CCTV surveillance system.
The CCTV surveillance system will be installed within the next six months.
The firm will be responsible for the Wakefield Urban CCTV Surveillance System which covers towns throughout the district including Castleford and Pontefract and the city of Wakefield.
The North Shields-based company has been handed a four-year contract by Wakefield Council to maintain the CCTV surveillance system for Castleford, Pontefract and Wakefield.
Scyron has patented a new type of intelligent CCTV surveillance system.