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RealJukebox is compatible with the CD Database, so users can get information about songs, and with portable MP3 players like Diamond's Rio and Creative's Nomad, so they can listen to music while on the move.
By noontime, people were standing in line at the Thousand Oaks office, waiting their turn to scroll through the CD database containing the names of registered sex offenders.
The transfer of the information from the various sources to the CD database is done manually in China.
The built-in CD database feature automatically retrieves important album information, including the name of the artist, the name and the year of the album, the genre, as well as the names of all songs.
The CD Converter module provides a CDDB auto-save feature, which enables track title, artist, and album information to be dynamically downloaded from the Internet CD Database and used when converting CD tracks to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG.