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Manual de Defectos/Remedios en la Corrugacion, Sexta Edicion CD-ROM
Further guidance for the SAO is contained in the DISAM memo accompanying the distribution of the CD-ROM.
Lotte Hellinga also directed the plan to illustrate the ISTC on CD-ROM, launched in 1994 as Project Incipit, managed by Margaret Meserve.
Notwithstanding the suggestions that follow, CD-ROM researchers ma,%, actually need to review the large number of existing results to find the one or more relevant tax authorities that could answer the research question.
The CD-ROM system is integrated with an online database for more current information.
The most common approach to CD-ROM research is to start with a client issue(s) and usually proceed to extract certain "keywords.
CD-ROM players are best described as audio CD players with extra features.
As the return is being prepared, a dialog box pops up from the planning CD-ROM and raises points for future discussion with the client.
By using a stack of eight CD-ROM drives, it is possible to search through the entire library of letter rulings, administrative documents, official rulings and cases, and browse through those documents directly on point.