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CD-ROM XA discs hold over 600MB--300,000 pages of text, 39,000 graphic images, 70+ minutes of CD-quality audio or over 16 hours of compressed digital audio.
CD-ROM XA, a subset of CD-I, may materialize faster.
Standards for CD-I were issued in 1988, for DVI in 1989, for CD-ROM XA in 1990, and for CDTV in 1991.(103) Also issued in 1991 was the Multimedia Personal Computer (MPC) standard format.
CD-ROM XA is intended to bring a limited form of hypermedia to the desktop by using computing platforms that are plentiful and relatively inexpensive.
Upgrading existing drives to read CD-ROM XA will probably require the addition of an audio chip that most likely will be available on an expansion board for die computer itself.
CD-ROM XA with its extended architecture is a bridge between CD-ROM and CD-1.
The drive can also read CD-DA, CD-ROM XA, CD-I Ready, and CD-I Bridge disc formats.
Most of the current-generation recorders are capable of recording files in the standard CD-DA (digital audio), CD-ROM data (both IBM and Mac file formats), and CD-ROM XA (interleaved audio and video) formats if the premastering software provides the support.
The company masters and manufactures the entire spectrum of CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-i, and PHOTO-CD formats, and is one of the few companies qualified to press all the major home-use specialty platforms: 3DO, Kodak, Atari, and Sega CD.
It supports major CD-ROM formats including CD-ROM, CD DA, CD-ROM XA, CD-i, CD Bridge, Mixed Mode, and Photo CD, and most major operating systems and environments including DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2 Warp, and Macintosh.
The XM-3701 Series drives comply with MPC-3 and-2 specifications and are compatible with Kodak multi-session Photo-CD and CD-plus, red book, yellow book, and CD-ROM XA. Re drives are also CD-bridge, CD-i, and CD-i Ready compatible and can be used as a CD-Audio player, independent of the computer system.
For multimedia applications CD-DA (digital audio), CD-ROM XA (sound and text interleaved), and Kodak Photo CD formatting capabilities may be important.