CD-ROM drives

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CD-ROM drives

Most optical drives today are combo CD/DVD drives that support DVDs and all the CD formats: CD audio, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW. The speeds of the drives are rated by their CD-ROM and DVD transfer rates. The original CD-ROM drive (1x) transferred data at 150KB per second. By doubling the spindle RPMs, the data transfer rate increased to 300KB/sec (2x) and so on. See CD-ROM and DVD drives.

CD-ROM      CD-ROMX Rating    Data Transfer Rate

      1x       150 Kilobytes/sec
      2x       300 Kilobytes/sec
      4x       600 Kilobytes/sec

      8x       1.2 Megabytes/sec
      10x      1.5 Megabytes/sec
      12x      1.8 Megabytes/sec
      20x      3.0 Megabytes/sec
      36x      5.4 Megabytes/sec
      40x      6.0 Megabytes/sec
      48x      7.2 Megabytes/sec
      50x      7.5 Megabytes/sec
      52x      7.8 Megabytes/sec

What Does 40x/12x/48x Mean?
CD drive ratings are designated with three speed numbers such as 40x/12x/48x or 40/12/48, as follows:

First X     /  Second X     /  Third X
  CD-R write  /  CD-RW write  /  CD-ROM read

A Lot of X's
This is the label from a Memorex combo CD/DVD drive. Each "X" number means X times 150KB for CDs and X times 1.39MB for DVDs.
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Three top CD-ROM drives that have earned best buy ratings from PC World magazine are NEC's CDR-73M, Toshiba's TXM-3301E and Sony's CDU-7205 Laser Library.
Bassick High School in Bridgeport, Conn., utilizes a CD-ROM drive in its graphics arts lab.
The same telephone directory that previously needed three or four CDs to hold it can now fit easily on a single 4.7GB DVD-ROM disk; and read-only DVD-ROM drives, which cost only about $100 more than CD-ROM drives, can also read CD-ROMs and CD-Rs and CD-RWs.
These technical data are quite comparable to those of mainstream CD-ROM drives sold today.
On the other hand, many of the high-speed CD-ROM drives are so inexpensive (below $100) that it is worth buying one if you have multimedia applications or if you install a lot of applications from CD-ROMs The trick is to know where to buy, as the price of the very same CD-ROM drive can be twice as-much at one dealer as at another.
But with the REXAS Super CD-ROM Server system, there is nearly unlimited potential in CD-ROM drive connectivity through networks or standalone PCs.
You don't learn the brand or model name of your CD-ROM drive, let alone its average access time of buffer size.
Netserve/CD 2400 pricing starts at $14,995 for a 24-drive system with 8x hot-swappable CD-ROM drives and 32 MB of RAM.
A Maxtet/CD 800 CD-ROM server with eight 12x hot-swappable CD-ROM drives is priced at $5,995.
CD-ROM drives are placed in 19-inch "rack units." Each drive within the server is hot-swappable, so that the drive can be replaced without bringing down the system.
Because TopSpin 120 appears to Windows, OS/2, and DOS clients as a familiar NetWare server, users require little or no training to access the server's seven CD-ROM drives or towers, the company says.
Available immediately through resellers, the caddy-based CD Tower-Rex sells for a street price of $56,928 and the tray-based CD Tower-Rex sells for $56,008 when fully loaded with 56 eight-speed CD-ROM drives.