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According to the study published in the Journal of Nature Communications, one of the challenges in developing vaccines for STIs, such as HIV or herpes simplex virus, is understanding how to attract specialised immune cells, called CD8 T-cells, to take up residence in the part of the body where the virus first enters.
A study of NK cell function in a cohort of ECs demonstrated only limited and less effective HIV-1 inhibitory capacity in vitro compared with CD8 T-cells. Interestingly, ADCC activity was elevated in ECs versus viraemic patients.
HLA-B27 restricted CD8 T-cells derived from synovial fluids of patients with reactive arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.
By removing and sorting through immune-system cells called CD8 T-cells from AIDS patients, they plan to single out and then in the lab greatly boost the number of such cells that recognize HIV When returned to the patient, these billion extra cells should help the body stem HIV infection by recognizing and destroying any cells containing the virus, Greenberg says.
The researchers also showed a 20.2% increase in the ratio of beneficial CD4 T-cells to CD8 T-cells. An increased CD4/CD8 ratio is indicative of healthy, youthful immune function.
In accordance with our in vitro data, we confirmed that naive T-cells were not inhibited by 5-Aza treatment in vivo (Figure 7(d), for CD4 naive cells 1.0% before to 5.2% after treatment, P = 0.05,for naive CD8 T-cells from 16.3% to 25.5% after treatment).
Using C57BL/6 splenocytes, we demonstrated that osteoclasts selectively recruit CD8 T-cells in vitro [38].