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(Computing Technology Industry Association, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Formerly ABCD:The Microcomputer Industry Association, it is a membership organization of resellers, distributors and manufacturers dedicated to business ethics and professionalism, founded in 1982. It sets voluntary guidelines and is involved with many issues including product returns, freight and warranty claims and price protection.

CompTIA is also well known for its certifications for computer professionals, all of which have a plus sign at the end of their names as outlined in the following list. See certification.

Short        Full Name orName         Field of Coverage

 A+           Service technician

 CDIA+        "Certified Document
                Imaging Architect"

 i-Net+       Internet skills

 Network+     Network support and

 Server+      Server architecture

 Linux+       Linux proficiency

 IT Project+  Project management

 e-Biz+       E-Business

 CTT+         "Certified
                Technical Trainer"

 Security+    Security specialist

 HTI+         "Home Technology
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Consumer groups countered the claims of CDIA and other rule opponents by saying the ability to file suit is necessary to protect Americans' legal rights.
The frequencies of errors and impacts on credit scores that we observed are higher than those recorded in the panel-based study sponsored by the CDIA but considerably lower than those inferred from ad hoc studies performed by consumer advocacy groups.
It is important to note this treatment assumes that the account is reported according to CDIA guidelines.
It has been only three years since the passenger numbers broke through 20m in 2009, now CDIA has realized a new historical leap again.
En el patron emergente, un gobierno obtiene el poder a traves de elecciones democraticas, pero una vez en control del Estado, lo ejerce para denigrar, descalificar y socavar las instituciones, valores y practicas democraticas contempladas en sus propias constituciones y en la CDIA. En vista de estos desafios, el articulo evalua la validez, utilidad y efectividad de la Carta para prevenir golpes de Estado o autogolpes, contener el debilitamiento del orden democratico o restablecerlo cuando haya sido interrumpido.
Still, the threat of duplicative or unnecessary regulations was raised by other hearing witnesses, most notably, Stuart Pratt, president and CEO of the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA).
The China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA) is reported to have petitioned the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for government help to buy up to 33% of the unsold stocks.
The Consumer Data Industry Assocation (CDIA), which represents the interest of the three largest credit bureaus, has vigorously campaigned against the enactment of state credit freeze laws.
"I have made it crystal clear that Canada will not be unilaterally purchasing strategic airlift for the Canadian Forces," he said in a speech to the CDIA. "Only two NATO nations, the U.S.