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(Computing Technology Industry Association, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Formerly ABCD:The Microcomputer Industry Association, it is a membership organization of resellers, distributors and manufacturers dedicated to business ethics and professionalism, founded in 1982. It sets voluntary guidelines and is involved with many issues including product returns, freight and warranty claims and price protection.

CompTIA is also well known for its certifications for computer professionals, all of which have a plus sign at the end of their names as outlined in the following list. See certification.

Short        Full Name orName         Field of Coverage

 A+           Service technician

 CDIA+        "Certified Document
                Imaging Architect"

 i-Net+       Internet skills

 Network+     Network support and

 Server+      Server architecture

 Linux+       Linux proficiency

 IT Project+  Project management

 e-Biz+       E-Business

 CTT+         "Certified
                Technical Trainer"

 Security+    Security specialist

 HTI+         "Home Technology
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