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Enhancements to the CDMA cellular technology that increase the number of users on a voice circuit and provides high-speed packet data. In 2000, CDMA2000 was the first 3G technology to be deployed as part of the ITU's IMT-2000 framework (see IMT-2000). By 2009, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) reported more than 440 million CDMA2000 subscribers worldwide.

CDMA2000 1x
The first version of CDMA2000 enables up to 100 callers to share a single 1.25 MHz CDMA channel and provies a peak data rate of 153 Kbps. The use of the single channel is known as "1X" or "1xRTT" (1x Radio Transmission Technology). 1X has also been known as "IS-2000," "MC-1x," and "IMT-CDMA MultiCarrier 1x."

Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) technology increased the peak data rate first to 2.45 Mbps and later to 3.1 Mbps per channel, with the average user experiencing from 500 to 800 Kbps. For more details, see EV-DO. See CDMA, CDMA450, WCDMA, LTE and cellular generations.

1X Signal Strength
The "1X" is the 1xRTT signal strength on this cellphone, which is only one bar at this moment. The "EV" signal, also one bar, is the EV-DO channel. As the phone travels, the strength of the two signals may differ.

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For more information about the CDG and CDMA2000, visit
With CDMA2000 1X cell phones connected to laptop PCs or personal digital assistants (PDAs) SKYLINK subscribers are able to download and forward e-mails with data-heavy attachments, browse the Internet and securely access corporate Intranet resources.
Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico is able to offer these advanced services without the need for a substantial investment in new base stations because simple software upgrades developed by Lucent were made to existing Lucent-supplied, CDMA2000 1X-ready base stations.
With some carriers moving to GSMIEDGE and others to CDMA2000, the pro-spect of continued proprietary networks--even with 3G services--is very real.
Lucent will upgrade Telcel's Lucent CDMA (code division multiple access) base stations with CDMA2000 1X channel cards and software and provide a packet data platform to prepare the Telcel BellSouth network for commercial 3G services.
KDDI President Tadashi Onodera said the company aims to ship 7 million handsets for the CDMA2000 1x by the end of March 2003.
cdma2000 is a packet-based next generation wireless standard that can be integrated into Telstra's current cdmaOne network.
"Our members are looking to take advantage of widespread CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO networks and services, as CDMA will be an enabling technology for these connected devices in a variety of industries."
(TSMC) is likely to make CDMA2000 baseband chips which Qualcomm Inc.
At the inaugural CDMA World Forum, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) has commented that new 3G wireless voice and mobile broadband service offerings in China are poised to rapidly replace fixed-line solutions, exemplified by subscriber adoption of China Telecom's CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO Revision A (Rev.
Under the terms of the royalty bearing agreement, Qualcomm has granted LT Mobile a worldwide patent license to develop, manufacture and sell subscriber units implementing Qualcomm's CDMA2000 standard.
22 said that CDMA2000 coverage will soon exist on most major Caribbean islands, offering uninterrupted 3G voice and wireless broadband data services.