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/ku'dr/ or /kuh'dr/ The LISP operation that returns the right-hand node of a binary tree structure. In the typical case where the tree is used to store a list, the cdr is the tail of the list, i.e. all but the first element.

The instruction format of the IBM 7090 that hosted the original LISP implementation featured two 15-bit fields called the "address" and "decrement" parts. The term "cdr" was originally "Contents of Decrement part of Register". Similarly, "car" stood for "Contents of Address part of Register".
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A CDR offers a standardized departure when the only alternatives are to accept a ground delay or refile a new route to avoid the adversely affected airspace.
CDR recently doubled its office space to accommodate expanded staff specializing in monthly sustaining donors, DRTV, management of inbound telemarketing, online acquisition and analytics.
Despite the increase caused by using three years, only a small percentage of colleges would face penalties for high CDRs if the new three-year CDR was implemented this year.
In such settings, CDR monitoring should be considered syndromic surveillance and should be implemented when an abnormal health phenomenon affects large populations.
An additional issue impacting cascading is whether the CDR suffers from jitter "peaking" where certain frequencies of jitter are actually slightly amplified.
So, we decided to engage a proven supplier as a prime contractor to tailor the CDR to the specifications of our multispecialty physicians.
They have procured CDRs with the help of Narendra Kumar, a constable of Uttar Pradesh Police.
Beginning this summer, the CDR will be made available to banks for enrollment and testing of their ability to access the system.
25 Gbps and a total CDR bandwidth of up to 45 Gbps.
They will require a written permission from the Delhi police commissioner to get the CDR of an MP.