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Abbr. for “center” or “central.”
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Conseil Europ?en pour la Normalisation.

A body coordinating standardisation activities in the EEC and EFTA countries.
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Meanwhile, Pad is now serving the hotel's guests a similar menu to Cen, featuring fresh, contemporary Asian cuisine.
CEN: "We manufacture in both Brazil and Mexico, and supply the region mostly from those plants.
CEN Fund will be used to invest in global premium blockchain projects run by dedicated fund managers.
Before sentencing Cen, the chairman of the magistrates Mr Freeman said: "We would like to thank all of those family members who have given victim impact statements.
Mae'r gwaith yn dal i fynd rhagddo ar y warchodfa gan glirio coed sy'n taflu cysgod dros y llwyfen lydanddail er mwy creu gwell amodau byw i'r cen. Ar y rhan o'r boncyff sy'n wynebu'r de mae'r cen i'w gweld ac felly dydyn nhw ddim yn cystadlu a'r mwsoglau.
Chairman of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee Birzhan Kaneshev expressed confidence that cooperation with CEN and CENELEC will help the EU and Kazakhstan harmonize legislation in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization.
And yet, for seven years he repeatedly declined requests to engage in dialogue with the CEN, which has looked on with growing concern as the increasingly powerful president and his Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) employed a series of democratically questionable devices to gain nearly complete control over the country's various governing institutions.
But as soon as year's end Alpha Cen B will be too close to its binary partner Alpha Cen A to measure the star's wobble without contamination by light from the brighter companion.
Pawlowski of the University of Jyvaskyla, Chair of the CEN WS-LT, commented: “The development of standards for digital educational content in Asia, especially in South Korea and China - with a corresponding weaker emphasis in Europe on digital educational content publishing - is putting pressure on European stakeholders to act.
While the price of a standard is not very high (average of between 10 and 50, according to the CEN), the use of cross-references "can push up the cost significantly, up to several hundred euro," according to NORMAPME.
The Naval Supply Systems Command Logistics Operations Center (NAVSUP LOG OPS CEN) conducted a three-day combined training event for NAVSUP Fleet Planners in mid December.