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Minimal differences between CEPT and MFN (most favored nation) rates
Similar to CEPT, the Organization of American States is a regional body with members from North, Central and South America.
In the light of their later accession to the CEPT scheme, Vietnam is expected to realize AFTA in 2006, Laos and Myanmar in 2008, and Cambodia in 2010.
Under the CEPT scheme, the ASEAN original members -- Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, -- are obliged to slash manufactured goods tariffs to below 5% by 2002.
In 2014, CEPT university received applications from each of the states in India, two union territories and also from abroad.
Products of PP and PE are put in the inclusion list (IL) in 2000 and constituted the last tranche of industrial product entering the IL, therefore, it is possible to use the strategy of Emergency Measure or Protocol Regarding the Implementation of the CEPT Scheme TEL.
The CEPT is built on the financial, logistics and closure data resident in the information warehouse maintained by the NAVICP.
Even so, Thailand will lower tariffs on palm oil products to the maximum 5% by 2003 as committed under the CEPT scheme, the council said, noting, "If we allowed the palm oil tariff reduction schedule to be delayed, we might face demands for delaying other products.
Tenders are invited for Supply & Installation of one (1) Air-cooled Screw Chiller to meet the requirement of 180 TR on hire for Disaster Recovery Center, CEPT, Mysore for a period of 6 months from firms renting chiller units.
CEPT also receives policy input from the Commission and is asked to "take care to safeguard of the Community interests at the time of the negotiations".
The government finally decided to raise the import duty on polypropylene (PP) under the CEPT scheme of ASEAN from 5% to 10% for three months.
The ASEAN economic ministers will meet here on the sidelines of the fourth ASEAN leaders' informal summit to sign the agreement known as the ''Protocol Regarding the Implementation of the CEPT Scheme Temporary Exclusion List.