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Before the AFTA Council deliberates, the application will go to the Coordinating Committee on the Implementation of the CEPT Scheme for AFTA and then the senior economic officials.
However, the GSMA is disappointed by CEPT s decision to oppose any use of the 2.
Similar to CEPT, the Organization of American States is a regional body with members from North, Central and South America.
CEPT believes that implementing substitutability would require considerable additional work on defining technical parameters (CEPT, 2007, pp.
In the light of their later accession to the CEPT scheme, Vietnam is expected to realize AFTA in 2006, Laos and Myanmar in 2008, and Cambodia in 2010.
the UK and the Netherlands) plan to deviate from the CEPT band plan by using a flexible band plan, in which the split between paired and unpaired spectrum is not fixed but varies according to demand at auction.
This year, CEPT University is offering 11 post graduate programs through five faculties (Architecture, Planning, Design, Technology and Management).
Second prize ([pounds sterling]500) and group work prize ([pounds sterling]200): Ujjval Panchal + Sachin Soni, fifth year, School of Architecture CEPT Ahmedabad, India
Another option is Protocol Regarding the Implementation of the CEPT Scheme TEL, that could be used only on industrial products which entered the Inclusion List in the last year and as a consequence, according to a protocol of CEPT, Indonesia is required to provide a compensation with other commodities in the category of significant supplying country to Asean countries.
The CEPT combines the data from these disparate systems and provides a view of the case all in one place thereby enabling the CM to ascertain the status of his/her case at any given point in time.
The government finally decided to raise the import duty on polypropylene (PP) under the CEPT scheme of ASEAN from 5% to 10% for three months.
Under the CEPT scheme, the ASEAN original members -- Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, -- are obliged to slash manufactured goods tariffs to below 5% by 2002.