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a city in western Turkey, on Çeşme Bay of the Aegean Sea. Population, approximately 6,000 (1975). Çeşme is a commercial center for tobacco, grapes, and figs. The battle of Çeşme took place in Çeşme Bay.

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CESME, Turkey, Shawwal 26, 1436, August 11, 2015, SPA -- The Turkish coastguard on Tuesday rescued 330 Syrians adrift in the Aegean Sea after failing to reach Greece, as the number of migrants attempting the treacherous passage to Europe surges, Reuters reported.
The report's bottom line, said CESME director Pete Hollings, is that government needs to "step up and take a leadership role" with a development strategy to facilitate mining development.
Centers of Excellence, such as the distinguished CESME at the University of Tennessee at Martin, invite colleagues from overseas to visit and dialogue; most recently they hosted mathematics teachers from Hong Kong.