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A flash memory format introduced in 1994 by SanDisk. At approximately 36x43x3mm, CompactFlash (CF) cards are much larger than the SD Cards used in most cameras; however, they are still used in digital SLRs, and many photographers find the larger size harder to misplace. CompactFlash supports both 3.3v and 5v circuits and can hold up to 512GB as of 2015.

Data transfer speeds are designated as multiples of the first CD-ROM rate of 150 KB/sec. For example, 1,000x = 150 MB/sec. See CD-ROM drives.

CF Cards Use the PC Card Interface
Type I CF cards are 3.3mm thick and commonly used for camera storage. Type II cards are 5mm thick and were previously used for miniature hard drives, modems and Ethernet. On earlier laptops, adapters enabled the 50-pin Type II CF card to plug into the 68-pin PC Card slot. See Microdrive and PC Card.

CompactFlash Module
CompactFlash modules are still used in digital SLR cameras with capacities up to 512GB. For form factor comparisons, see memory card.
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Ki Pro Mini is also said to be a key component in a streamlined Apple file-based production-to-post workflow, recording native Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto CF cards, which are formatted as HFS+ volumes that are instantly connected to a Mac computer via off-the-shelf CF card readers.
A 64 MB CF card can store approximately 2,350,000 time-stamped temperature values from a single channel.
The CF Card installs directly into your Pocket PC using a CompactFlash Type II slot.
With write speed more than double the leading brand's high speed CF card in the market today, users of Pretec CF cards can enjoy the exciting multimedia experience in applications such as high resolution digital cameras, where faster write speed means lower set-up time between pictures.
Pretec's 640MB CF card provides needed capacity for RDC i700, taking approximately 527 pictures under the highest resolution mode or 1500 pictures for XGA resolution, or 3900 pictures for VGA resolution, and capturing up to one (1) hour moves in AVI format.
Other features include a CF card slot that is compatible with Micro Drive and the ability to copy up to 150 MB/sec depending on the performance of the media.
If I don't want the results from one PCOS to come out, I will destroy the CF card so nothing will be transmitted," Brillantes told reporters.
This line includes a one port RS-232 serial CF card (SSCF-100), a two port RS-232 serial CF card (DSCF-100) and a one port RS-422/485 serial CF card (SSCF-200/300).
The highest capacity CF card currently available in the market is 1GB, also available from Pretec.
Pretec's 640MB CF card provides needed capacity for super high-resolution cameras such as Pro Back, yet maintains the excellent reliability due to flash memory devices compared with rotating magnetic media.
Available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, the Lexar Professional 600x CF card will significantly improve in-camera performance by rapidly clearing a camera's buffer and making fast cameras even faster so photographers can keep shooting.
If I don't want the results from one PCOS to come out, I will damage the CF card so nothing will be transmitted," Brillantes told reporters in an interview.