Camp Borden

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Camp Borden,

large military training establishment, S Ont., Canada, NW of Toronto. It covers an area of 20,000 acres (8,094 hectares) and also includes an armored-vehicle range at Meaford, to the northwest.
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CFB BORDEN HAS the dual distinction of being Canada's first military airfield, opened in March 1917, as well as the birthplace of the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1924.
Dwayne Bos and Imam Suleyman Demiray co-officiated an interfaith wedding at CFB Borden, said to be a first in Canadian Forces history.
Catharine Lockhart UE, spoke to us about her experiences last summer at Cadet Camp Blackdown located within CFB Borden.
Caption: CFB Borden has seen a large number of cadets through the years go through training exercises on its premises, as pictured.
Each applicant's file is carefully reviewed by the Interfaith Committee on Military Chaplaincy," says Padre Greenwood, who is the course resource research and development officer at the Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre at CFB Borden, Ont.
Excerpts from a sermon preached at the Canadian Forces Chaplain School & Centre, CFB Borden, Ontario, to a class of chaplains in a peacekeeping and humanitarian operations course, by Rev.
The band participates in parades in local communities outside of CFB Borden and can attract quite a crowd.
With Canadian troops facing mortal danger in Afghanistan (as of presstime, 71 troops and one diplomat had been killed), the students at the chaplains' school at CFB Borden know there is a good chance they will be ministering in combat situations.
CFB Borden is the hub of training for all three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces.
Peter Moon is the public affairs ranger for 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group at CFB Borden.
The next day she travelled to CFB Borden where she awarded the Royal Canadian Medical Service (RCMS) with "The Princess Royal's Banner" as a sign of Royal favour in recognition of the members' sacrifice and valorous service in Afghanistan since 2002.
Reynolds was posted to RMC last summer after spending two years as the chief instructor of the Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre at CFB Borden.