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see chlorofluorocarbonschlorofluorocarbons
(CFCs), organic compounds that contain carbon, chlorine, and fluorine atoms. CFCs are highly effective refrigerants that were developed in response to the pressing need to eliminate toxic and flammable substances, such as sulfur dioxide and ammonia, in
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Although China and India have supplied some black market CFCs, Brack finds that Russia and its former republics are "a significant source of most of the illegally traded materials.
And we've done a conversion of one unit and are stockpiling CFCs.
However, a federal mandate such as this begs a very important question: "If CFCs no longer are produced, where will future supplies come from?
shareholder was deemed to have received a dividend from the CFC equal to the shareholder's pro-rata share of the CFC's increase in earnings invested in such property for the year.
0 pcf without the use of CFCs, and demold time reduction from 5.
A CFC is generally ineligible for automatic consent, unless (1) it does not have a required tax year under Sec.
But questions over the extent and means of compliance dragged on for a year before the commission clarified that all forms of CFCs and HCFCs must be removed and treated as hazardous waste, usually by incineration.
It's hard to break down CFCs without releasing corrosive by-products," Crabtree says.
Owners of chillers using CFC refrigerants face decisions resulting from regulations on use and future availability of refrigerants.
This system is said to handle all CFC substitutes, even those that are corrosive in their pure form.
This is commonly referred to as the CFC netting rule.