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Vertical strips of rusticated masonry rising between the horizontal moldings and the cornice, dividing the facade into bays or panels.
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What does it mean when you dream about chains?

“The chains that bind” may portend a happy union or marriage or be the missing link to the solution of a problem or situation. A succession of events can be linked together in a chain reaction. Ideas and opinions can be bound up in old ways of doing things. The dreamer may be needing to break free of the chains that bind or to link up with new ideas, people, or situations. (See also Rope).

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References in classic literature ?
At night (the season for which the apartment was especially designed) it was illuminated principally by a large chandelier, depending by a chain from the centre of the sky-light, and lowered, or elevated, by means of a counter-balance as usual; but (in order not to look unsightly) this latter passed outside the cupola and over the roof.
The action of the water had so rusted the chain, that it was impossible for me to unfasten it from the hasp which attached it to the case.
So brief was the interval between the opening of my eyes and the fall of the chain that I could not check it, though it that minute interval I recognized the face so close to mine as that of my son, Carthoris.
His search not being rewarded with immediate success, he decided to return to the pit where his rykor lay chained and look to its wants.
`I wear the chain I forged in life,' replied the Ghost.
He was bound differently from the rest, for he had to his leg a chain so long that it was wound all round his body, and two rings on his neck, one attached to the chain, the other to what they call a "keep-friend" or "friend's foot," from which hung two irons reaching to his waist with two manacles fixed to them in which his hands were secured by a big padlock, so that he could neither raise his hands to his mouth nor lower his head to his hands.
At first it had appeared to them solitary and detached; but as they advanced towards it, it proved to be the principal summit of a chain of mountains.
The bird flew down and took the gold chain in his right claw, and then he alighted again in front of the goldsmith and sang:
At the word "Go!", simultaneously, the chain on his collar jerked him up and back in the air, the rope on his hindquarters jerked that portion of him under, forward, and up, and the still short stick in Collins's hand hit him under the lower jaw.
"Why, you just said a body could lift up the bed- stead and slip the chain off."
There was a case which, when the cover was lifted, disclosed a long chain of delicate pink coral beads,--a chain ending in a cross made of coral rosebuds.
Directly ahead of me in the chain gang was a young woman.