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(käm), pseud. of

Amédée de Noé

(ämādā` də nōā`), 1819–79, French caricaturist and lithographer. He abandoned a military career to produce over 4,000 designs, many of them caricatures and sketches of French and Algerian life.
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a Lamaist celebration, during which lamas don masks depicting Buddhist deities, dance, and symbolically kill an evil spirit by setting fire to it.



(also Chiam; self-designation, Tham, Kham), a people living in southern Vietnam and in Cambodia. According to a 1970 estimate, the Cham in Vietnam number more than 60,000; in Cambodia, together with the Malays, they number approximately 150,000. Small groups of Cham live in Thailand and Indonesia. In antiquity the Cham developed an advanced civilization, which became the kingdom of Champa at the beginning of the Common Era. The Cham speak an Indonesian language. Approximately two-thirds of them are Hindus; the rest are Muslims. In Cambodia the Muslim Cham have intermarried with the related Malay people. The Cham engage primarily in fishing, stock raising, and the cultivation of rice in paddies; various handicrafts are highly developed.


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On drawings, abbr. for chamfer.
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But for small players that would remain in the business, they will be forced to hike their costs, which would result in higher prices of some processed-meat products just to recoup their losses, Cham added.
'The bruises on his right forehead, right eye, right and left arms, and right foot were due to him collapsing face down in the restroom of the temporary detention room at Kampong Cham police headquarters on April 17,' he said.
So what really happened to the Champa or Cham people?
But the Games would end on a high regardless, with Cham still contributing enough to the overall score with his 10.900 on the pommel horse, and 11.700 on the rings, where he landed badly and was helped off.
He backdated the four-year term to January last year when Cham was arrested.
Critique: Enhanced with the inclusion of black-and-white illustrations and color photography, as well as a four page Bibliography, "The Lost World of Cham: The TransPacific Voyages of the Champa" is an extraordinary and inherently fascinating read from cover to cover.
Earlier on April 26th, Cham Wings Airlines launched its first flight form Damascus to Kuwait.
"In addition to a dipping sauce, nuoc cham can be used in rice, noodles, as a marinade and even as a salad dressing," Do says.
Le jour de cham el Nessim, 5 mai cette annee, les familles sortent des les premiers rayons du soleil dans les jardins et les parcs publics ou encore vont se promener au bord du Nil, a pied ou sur le fleuve en bateau pour celebrer la journee du printemps.
Cham, who lived in Wilton Road, Handsworth, in 2009, pretended to be a British citizen to gain entry to a prestigious three-year nursing course, which then led to him training to work in the British Army.
Cham Holding was established in 2007 with a start-up capital of $360m by 73 top Syrian investors.
Cham replaces Jean-Claude Guerin, who is taking up a senior position at Mondial Assistance, one of Allianz Group's business units in France.