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(CHANnel) An abbreviation of "channel," chan is also used as part of an image board name, such as 4chan and 8chan. See image board.
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(also Laz), the unwritten language of the Laz (Chan). Chan is a Kartvelian language; with Megrelian, it is often regarded as a dialect of San, or Mingrelo-Chan. Three dialects of Chan are spoken on the Black Sea coast of Turkey: Khopa, Vitse-Arkhaba, and Atina.

Chan has a simple vowel system (a, e, i, o, and u) and 32 consonants. Nominal stems are stable, and there are seven cases: nominative, ergative, dative, genitive, ablative, instrumental, and allative. Categories of the verb include person, number, tense, version, voice, potential, causative, and aspect; the category of mood includes 14 modal and tense forms. Directional preverbs are common. The vocabulary of Chan abounds in Turkisms and contains Georgian and Greek loanwords.


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