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the name given in Old Russian chronicles to the Estonians and related Finno-Ugric tribes (Zavoloch’e Chud’) living in the domains of the Novgorod Feudal Republic east of Lake Onega, along the Onega and Severnaia Dvina rivers.

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CHUD, which covers a separate project in Baalbek, has entered its second phase in Tyre, and is being funded by the French Development Agency and the World Bank.
The second stage of CHUD is designed to change this.
Lurking beneath those boyish good looks is a murderous CHUD, infested with the need to lip your rips off.
A CHUD appeared--I pleaded desperately for my life saying, "Please, I must live.
This project will complement the implementation of the renovation plan designed in the framework of the CHUD programme and complete the interior rehabilitation.
com)-- Archaic Radio, CHUDs basement coffee house, and Garpco Records will be hosting an event in downtown Redding California November 3rd at CHUDs coffee shop on Yuba Street.