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see Central Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency
(CIA), independent executive bureau of the U.S. government established by the National Security Act of 1947, replacing the wartime Office of Strategic Services (1942–45), the first U.S. espionage and covert operations agency.
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amnesia victim whose identity becomes doubtful when the same identity is claimed by an insane woman. [Ital. Drama: Pirandello As You Desire Me in Sobel, 35]
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(1) (Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability) A widely used formulation of the INFOSEC mission of the U.S. military. Also known as the "Classic Triad," the three concepts fail to include important problems intuitively seen as breaches of security, forgeries or counterfeits, mislabeling of data and problems of data usability. See Parkerian Hexad.

(2) (CiA) See CAN bus.
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Catlin organized CIAR's exhibition program according to this scheme: the selection of the Pre-Columbian, colonial and popular artistic traditions guaranteed that the exotic image of Latin America would be clearly represented.
That got written about in Time and Newsweek, which may have been why Stanton Catlin, the original director of the CIAR art gallery, invited me to do a show there.
CIAR described the proposed study to its board of directors as "a very significant enhancement over RJR nine city study which was recently presented to EPA SAB [Science Advisory Board] panel on ETS" (CIAR 1992; Davis and Stiles 1992), which was considering the then-proposed U.S.
Il s'agit, outre les assureurs de personnes, de six assureurs publics non specialises (Caar, SAA, Caat, Cash), deux publics (Cagex et SGCI) specialises respectivement dans l'assurance-credit et l'immobilier, un reassureur public (CCR), deux mutuelles (CNMA, Maatec) et sept assureurs a capitaux prives (Ciar, 2A, Trust, GAM, Salama, Al Rayan et Alliance Assurances).
A recipient of such prestigious distinctions as NSERC's Steacie Fellowship, the CIAR's Young Explorer's Award (to the top 20 scientists under 40 in Canada), and Canada's Top 40 under 40, Shoichet is an expert in the study of polymers for regeneration--that is materials that promote healing in the body.