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Abbr. for cost, insurance, and freight.
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(1) See also CIFS and RAW image format.

(2) (Cells In Frames) ATM cells in Ethernet frames. See Cells in Frames.

(3) (Common Intermediate Format) An ITU H.261 standard for videoconferencing camera resolutions. CIF is also used to specify surveillance cameras.
CommonIntermediate            ResolutionFormat                 NTSC      PAL

 CIF   (Full CIF)     352x240   352x288
 QCIF  (Quarter CIF)  176x140   176x144
 SQCIF (Sub Quarter)            128x96
 2CIF  (2 x CIF)      704x240   704x288
 4CIF  (4 x CIF)      704x480   704x576
 16CIF (16 x CIF)    1408x960  1408x1152

(4) (Common Image Format) A standard frame size for digital video.
CommonImage      ScreenFormat     Size     Resolution

    VGA        Full     640x480
    1/4 VGA    1/4      320x240
    1/16 VGA   1/16     160x120
    D1 (Sony)  Full     720x480 (NTSC)
                        720x576 (PAL)
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The mandatory nature of the CIFs and broad pledge applying to all credit and college preparatory courses at eight state colleges are credit strengths.
Temisan Omatseye a former DG of NIMASA who is also a Shipowner pointed out that there is a lot of benefit in the CIF trade term.
Consistent with the anti-TNF-[alpha] effect of luteolin, one major component of Cirsium japonicum in D-galactosamine/ lipopolysaccharide-induced liver damage model [31], this CIF also significantly reduced serum level of TNF-[alpha] in UC patients.
Nevertheless, she agrees with the decision's main point and wrote: 'I am hard-pressed to find that Arroyo's periodic approvals of Uriarte's multiple letter-requests for additional CIF funds-which was the sole justification behind the Sandiganbayan ruling-amount to sufficient evidence which would prove her complicity in the plunder of CIF funds.' No overt act was presented that established she knew her approvals facilitated corruption.
But Martin Yardley, the council's director of place, said applications to the fund often resulted in other finance being sourced at better rates as the CIF application was able to operate as a "back stop".
The CIF trustee and any trust company personnel who perform fiduciary functions on behalf of the trustees are considered ERISA fiduciaries.
Under a CIF contract, the vendor performs his obligations by tendering the documents to the purchaser.
Ont assiste a l'inauguration de la CIF nombre de ministres et d'ambassadeurs de pays participants.
'CIFs are popular among clients with more sophisticated investment structures, but with very individual unitisation and accounting requirements,' said Penelope Biggs, head of the Institutional Investor Group for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Generally, units should not buy or stock centrally managed OCIE issued by Central Issue Facilities (CIFs).
"Soldiers will be able to receive almost everything issued to them at their home station CIF, with the exception of NBC (nuclear biological chemical) equipment that is normally carried on the unit's organizational hand receipt," she said.