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Abbr. for cost, insurance, and freight.


(1) See also CIFS and RAW image format.

(2) (Cells In Frames) ATM cells in Ethernet frames. See Cells in Frames.

(3) (Common Intermediate Format) An ITU H.261 standard for videoconferencing camera resolutions. CIF is also used to specify surveillance cameras.
CommonIntermediate            ResolutionFormat                 NTSC      PAL

 CIF   (Full CIF)     352x240   352x288
 QCIF  (Quarter CIF)  176x140   176x144
 SQCIF (Sub Quarter)            128x96
 2CIF  (2 x CIF)      704x240   704x288
 4CIF  (4 x CIF)      704x480   704x576
 16CIF (16 x CIF)    1408x960  1408x1152

(4) (Common Image Format) A standard frame size for digital video.
CommonImage      ScreenFormat     Size     Resolution

    VGA        Full     640x480
    1/4 VGA    1/4      320x240
    1/16 VGA   1/16     160x120
    D1 (Sony)  Full     720x480 (NTSC)
                        720x576 (PAL)
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Asked whether the council should be using so much CIF money for its own projects, Mr Yardley added: "Look at the Kick-Start scheme at Friargate.
CIF transactions with ERISA fiduciaries are subject to ERISA's prohibited transaction rules.
Further, if a contract gives the purchaser the option of tendering documents or goods, it is not a CIF contract, so the seller is not bound to tender the documents.
During processing of a FLIPL, once the equipment in question has been identified and given a document property number by the CIF PBO, the identified equipment will be removed from the Soldier's clothing record (DA Form 3645).
CIF might reprsent one of those lost proteins that normally suppress a cancer's unregulated growth, Liotta says.
CIF is pleased to work with Sports Authority to help outfit our student athletes with BBCOR bats that conform to the new -3 Bat Regulation," said Marie Ishida, CIF Executive Director.
Madagascar: Through its submitted NDC, committed to a target reduction by 2030 of 14% GHG emissions conditional on financial support; is preparing IPs under the CIFs SREP program and its Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR); CIF-related sectors under its NDC include energy, agriculture, and land use, land use change and forestry.
Since the acquisition, in 2004, SL Green, CIF and The Witkoff Group have repositioned 485 Lexington Avenue through a substantial marketing, redevelopment and leasing campaign that has resulted in the execution of eleven leases totaling approximately 756,000 square feet and an overall increase in the property's occupancy to 88%.
First, by end-December half of the 54 countries in Africa had signed up to run 39 CIF pilots some with pilots in multiple CIF programs.
We are launching this series because we believe it is critical to build stakeholder and public understanding of the extraordinary work African countries are committed to through their AfDB CIF plans," stated Mafalda Duarte, AfDB's CIF coordinator and chief climate change specialist.
Carmona and other Mission League coaches said they plan to file a complaint with CIF to verify if Crespi violated the rules and if it should be stripped of its league title.
The college's CIF will be transferred to the State Board of Administration as trustee twice a year, on Dec.