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Chief Information Officer

(CIO) The person who determines the overall strategic direction and business contribution of the information systems function in a business.
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(Chief Information Officer) The executive in charge of information processing in an organization. All systems design, development and datacenter operations fall under CIO jurisdiction. CIOs have demanding jobs as information systems in an organization are often taken for granted until something breaks down. The CIO is responsible for explaining to executive management the complex nightmare this industry has gotten itself into over the past 50 years and why equipment must be constantly retrofitted or replaced. Justifying new expenditures can be a difficult part of the job.

CIOs are also involved in creating business opportunities through information technology, although in larger companies this is often the role of the chief technology officer (CTO). Collaborating with other executives, CIOs work at the core of business development within the organization. See CTO, job descriptions and salary survey.
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Lincoln Financial Group has announced that Michelle DeCarlo, vice president, Enterprise Delivery Practices, was named one of 2018's "Ones to Watch" by CIO and the CIO Executive Council, the company said.
On average, EMEA CIOs have increased the amount of time they spend on business leadership -- up from 30 percent three years ago to 41 percent today.
Wal-Mart, the largest company in America, has a woman CIO in Karenann Terrell, who has been leading the retail company's IT for last six years.
In this framework, the areas covered by these CIOs include enterprise architecture, software quality in business process reengineering, strategic planning, capital planning and investment control activities, IT budget and acquisitions, financial management, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and procurement, grants policy issues, information operations, knowledge management, internal control and audit resolution, information sharing and safeguarding, enterprise human resource information systems etc.
CIO Choice 2016 Honour & Recognitions were presented in 49 categories, recognizing 26 distinct ICT Brands.
Among the two most important overall findings: both CIOs and other c-suite executives agreed that one of CIOs' core responsibilities in the next several years will be as change agents within their organizations; and, c-suite executives especially perceived--more than CIOs themselves did--that CIOs will need to be emerging technology innovators, moving their organizations forward proactively to push healthcare forward via technology, and not simply fulfilling the required operational tasks that have been theirs throughout the history of healthcare IT in patient care organizations.
Equally when it comes to business objectives for CIOs in Western Europe, the top priority is improving information access and analysis with a staggering 80.5% of French CIOs citing this.
"The main challenge for CIOs right now is they have to understand business much more than before," says Amin.
* Tom Musgrave - EVP & CIO, Americold Logistics
Whether Gartner's prediction about technology spend proves accurate or not, insurance CIOs focusing on the IT technology pillars of data, process and integration will never lose their value to the business.
Most of the CIOs surveyed are bullish about business in the next three months: 87% expressed confidence in their companies' prospects for growth, compared to 91% who were confident about Q4 2012.