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(1) (Common Isochronous Packet) The packet format used in time-based (real-time) FireWire transmission. See FireWire, IEC 61883 and mLAN.

(2) (Common Industrial Protocol) A high-level protocol used for control networks that provides an object model for services at layer 7 of the OSI model. DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, CIP Sync and CIP Safety are examples of control networks that use CIP.
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cast-iron pipe, cast-iron soil pipe

A pipe fabricated of an iron alloy containing carbon and silicon; usually lined with cement or coal-tar enamel and coated externally with one of a variety of materials to reduce corrosion by soils; known technically as gray cast-iron pipe.
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CIP Real Estate (CIP) is focussed on the acquisition, development and repositioning of office and industrial parks.
'Tuyishimire was being used by his mother and father to traffic cannabis from Rubavu to Kigali, and he was delivering the two bundles to them at the time of his arrest," CIP Rugigana said.
Another is 2019 Foodex Japan, where firms operated by indigenous peoples from Taiwan inked an NT$450 million (US$14.3 million) business development and marketing deal, according to the CIP.
The sub-MIC of CIP for all further experiments was selected by creating a growth curve.
MAINTENANCE OF STRONG FINANCIAL METRICS: Continuation of the system's strong financial performance in line with management projections, coupled with the ability to maintain strong cash balances while balancing implementation of an aggressively cash-funded CIP could result in upward rating movement.
CIP is a network of 15 civil society organizations working together to promote the rights of transgender people, women and PWDs.
CIP is commonly used to clean process equipment between batches or production runs.
To download the CIP for CPGs Clean-in-Place Guidelines for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers and the CIP for CPGs Clean-in-Place Checklist, please visit
He said Lady Health Workers of the Department will refer potential clients to special camps of CIP and routine camps of PWD.
According to decision taken, all divisional commissioners and deputy commissioners will supervise the birth spacing services under CIP being imparted by the PWD and its programmes involving Lady Health Workers, Maternal Child Health Program and NGOs.District health officers and population officers will be responsible for taking the lead in the implementation of CIP.
Summary: This month, Lebanon will send a delegation of state officials to Paris to pitch an infrastructure development program dubbed the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) to the international community and private investors.