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(1) (Common Isochronous Packet) The packet format used in time-based (real-time) FireWire transmission. See FireWire, IEC 61883 and mLAN.

(2) (Common Industrial Protocol) A high-level protocol used for control networks that provides an object model for services at layer 7 of the OSI model. DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, CIP Sync and CIP Safety are examples of control networks that use CIP.

cast-iron pipe, cast-iron soil pipe

A pipe fabricated of an iron alloy containing carbon and silicon; usually lined with cement or coal-tar enamel and coated externally with one of a variety of materials to reduce corrosion by soils; known technically as gray cast-iron pipe.
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With the exception of guaranteed cost, the GC retains a significant retention or deductible on the exposures insured under the CIP.
CIP Director General Barbara Wells stated that China and the CIP enjoy a long history of cooperation and the year of 2018 will mark the 40th anniversary of China-CIP cooperation.
Four-step CIP procedures using EOW were conducted with different operational time and temperature combinations.
In April 2009, however, CIP II Power sold the power distribution network inside the park, effectively terminating the original concession agreement with park operator Carmelray-JTCI Corp.
When implementing a new CIP system, it is crucial for companies to determine the effectiveness of the process and make any necessary adjustments.
Those that will benefit most from the Guide are Subject Matter Experts, members of the internal Compliance Team, Senior Executives, Management, employees dealing directly with NERC CIP on a daily basis.
Among non-EU countries, Croatia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) have already joined the CIP in October (see Europolitics 3396).
A significant change with the calibrated version of CIP, called CIP probability, is that probability values of 75 percent and higher have been combined into a single color (red), whereas the uncalibrated version used three different colors in this same range.
As the program matured, DON CIP vulnerability assessment protocol expanded beyond Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) to include the areas of Computer Network Defense (CND), Commercial Dependency (CD) and Consequence Management (CM) planning--producing a new, improved Naval Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (NIVA).
Several member states tabled original proposals to improve the CIP or its functioning.
The CIP also examines legal theories and judicial histories for each issue and suggests actions that examiners could take when reviewing taxpayers involved in transactions covered by Notice 2002-65.
This portable tank cleaning system is said to eliminate the need for permanent CIP installations in a wide range of applications.