CISC processor

CISC processor:

see RISC processorRISC processor
[Reduced Instruction Set Computer], computer arithmetic-logic unit that uses a minimal instruction set, emphasizing the instructions used most often and optimizing them for the fastest possible execution.
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For example, a CISC processor might have an instruction to add data in one memory location to data in another memory location.
The Philips Semiconductors' SmartXA also features a smart card hardware firewall, a future-oriented 16-bit CISC processor and a state-of-the-art memory configuration.
The Adaptation Kits also include sources for drivers conforming to a Portable Driver Model allowing developers to choose PCI or ISA based peripherals from a broad and growing library of drivers that operate across both RISC and CISC processor platforms.
VOCAL is dedicated to providing cost effective software and hardware designs under license for video, voice, data, and facsimile (fax) applications with support for all major DSP, RISC and CISC processors.
That current RISC and CISC processors are poor hosts for higher level languages perpetuates the motivation to widely deploy lower levels of programming, including C and C++.
However, the performance improvement of successive CISC processors is leveling off, while RISC performance is continuing to improve, so Apple is bringing this technology to personal computing.
The market for non-x86 servers, including servers based on RISC, EPIC, and CISC processors, declined 16.
Reconfigurable processors have had a strong historic advantage in signal processing applications, which they can today perform at up to 100 times faster than ordinary CISC processors.
He has been issued eight patents related to configurable processors and memory management in RISC and CISC processors.
Massana's FILU-200, a hardwired, pre-programmed 200 MIPS DSP coprocessor soft core, features a dual MAC architecture and is tailored to enable highest performance DSP on RISC and CISC processors.
This is because Jupiter's RISC processor uses fewer types of computing operations than CISC processors and is able to process those operations significantly faster.
These unique cores are especially well suited for high-performance DSP-based telecommunications, networking, and consumer applications that use RISC and CISC processors.