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In internationalisation, a collective term for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The characters of these languages are all partly based on Han characters (i.e., "hanzi" or "kanji"), which require 16-bit character encodings. CJK character encodings should consist minimally of Han characters plus language-specific phonetic scripts such as pinyin, bopomofo, hiragana, hangul, etc.

CJKV is CJK plus Vietnamese.

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Until the third Dialogue, discussions were focused upon the three nations' economic structural reforms, the prerequisites of trade liberalization such as the CJK FTA, and environmental cooperation to tackle air or water pollution.
Edited by Russell RCG, Williams NS, Bulstrode CJK, Arnold.
Kloos, who also represented this applicant, CJK LLC, said a judge directed the county to approve the rezoning and the matter is essentially complete.
8) So far, security agenda has been peripheral to the CJK process.
The third section of the article discusses the potential for bilateral FTAs among the CJK with particular attention to the pressures that cross-regional FTAs with nations outside the region mcight create for such agreements.
There is one staff member for each of the East Asian languages of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, although the librarian responsible for Korean is also the CJK serials cataloger.
Implementers concerned with CJK should definitely update their Unihan.
Made of a thin polystyrene, the product is manufactured in Rochester, NY by CJK Manufacturing.
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Kautex Textron GmbH, Germany, in conjunction with their UK distributor, CJK Packaging, will be launching their Industrial Jerrican, Drum and Agrochemical container range, for the first time in the UK at the forthcoming Pakex exhibition.
25 protocol network to the new TCP/IP access network, and supervised the product management of OCLC Passport software and OCLC CJK software packages.