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DR KAUNITZ: You have not run into situations involving migration of Filshie clips into the bladder or bowel, as has been described in rare case reports?
The project was started in late April 2006, and the goal was to have the clips ready for use during the fall semester.
If the fish floats on its side, hook on another paper clip. Keep adding clips until the fish floats vertically.
Keep adding clips and cans until every screw, bolt, nail and nut has a can it can call home.
The clip appliers, which measure 5mm in diameter, receive high acclaim with its less invasiveness.
See Me TV channel, which is run by mobile media company 3, claims that it puts mobile phone users in the "director's chair" by showcasing clips downloaded from their phones.
"I access a short video clip and throw it up on the LCD projector and get the kids talking.
Capacity Network claims that such approach to clip sharing has the following advantages - no large video files need to be emailed; there is no need for a compatible video player on a user's PC; video clips can be shared with a number of friends at the same time.
Although clips were more effective in sealing off aneurysms and less likely to permit bleeding to resume at that site, the coils gave a patient the better chance of doing well in the long run.
For example, the kit comes with both CD and DVD versions of the video clips. Also, each clip has two variations: with narration or without.
When Cincom Systems, a software company that builds, sells and supports software for data access and integration, added a PR function to its organization, the first quarter of results was loaded with online media clips. After analyzing its media lists, the company was better able to develop those outlets of vital interest and build relationships to address its goals.