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While Hansberry's Mama Lena Younger, Cooper's Clora, and Gaines's Tante Lou and Miss Emma in A Lesson before Dying (1993) assume saintly qualities in the roles they play, Reed's Mammy Barracuda and West's Cleo Judson in The Living is Easy (1948) are selfish, 'sinning against their families and communities' (p.
The third section profiles three California musicians: female jazz trumpeter Clora Bryant, gospel innovator Andrea Crouch, and Motown singer Brenda Holloway.
During her twelve years of research and writing, Tucker managed to reach some of the era's best surviving women musicians, a hardy lot, many of whom went on to continue their careers at great personal cost because of gender prejudice--among them trumpeter Clora Bryant, admired by Dizzy Gillespie, who eventually arranged her own tour of Russia, and globetrotting keyboardist Sarah McLawler.
Beaumont and Fletcher are aware of the power of music to destabilize the soul to the point of dulling judgment, as shown in Franck's words to Clora in Beaumont and Fletcher's The Captain: "These are your eyes;/ Where were they Clora, when you fell in love/ With the old foot-man, for singing of Queen Dido?" (III.iii.31-33).
Le secretaire d'Etat, Alistair Burt, clora, cet apres-midi, l'evenement, cense preparer l'apres-Bachar Al-Assad.
21, 1926, in Casper, Wyo., to John and Clora Kramer Lee.
Debbie Hughes, Valerie Langley, Clora Mabry, Tonia Triplett
The book is intended to be a sequel to Central Avenue Sounds, an oral history of jazz in Los Angeles co-edited by Isoardi that covers the period through the early 1950s (Clora Bryant, et al., eds., Central Avenue Sounds: Jazz in Los Angeles [Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998]).
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