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While trustee reports do not indicate the source of market value, data on Markit's bid depth for the underlying collateral suggests market value for most Fitch-rated MM CLOs is likely predominantly determined by collateral managers.
Kikwe said for Makwala to be nominated with the likes of Le Clos and Mashaya, it was a clear sign of being among creme de le creme of sport.
The RCF limit is also important because senior secured bonds are present in European CLOs. Although the RCF is usually pari passu with senior secured loans, it is not unusual for it to rank senior to the bonds.
Le Clos' love for United stems from his dad Bert presenting him with a No.
CBAM has announced the closing of its fourth CLO in 2018, in the amount of USD 504 million, with Morgan Stanley acting as lead arranger, the company said.
Also, from an overall portfolio standpoint, asset managers are aggressively marketing CLOs from the standpoint of lower historical default experience and good relative performance from a yield standpoint.
Guy has never previously at an international meet competed in the 200m butterfly, the event in which Le Clos claimed Olympic gold at London 2012 and won last year's world title in Budapest.
Le Clos, 25, is aiming to add to his current total of 12 Commonwealth medals.
who invests in CLOs. "It's just a matter of degree -- how bad it's going to be."
The rivalry between le Clos and Phelps goes back to the 2012 Olympic games in London when then 20-year-old South African ( beat Phelps in the 200m butterfly event by just 0.05 seconds. 
For the last five years, Military Sealift Command (MSC) Combat Logistics Officers (CLOs) have played an integral part in today's worldwide logistics network.