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clr., Clr, Clr.

In the lumber industry, abbr. for clear.


(Common Language Runtime) The runtime engine in Microsoft's .NET platform. The CLR compiles and executes programs in Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). The ECMA European standards organization has its own version of the .NET platform, and the CLR counterpart is called the "Virtual Execution System" (VES). See CLI.

Common Rules and Types
The CLR and VES include the Common Language System (CLS), which sets the rules and regulations for language syntax and semantics, as well as the Common Type System (CTS), which defines the data types that can be used. Because all programs use the common services in the CLR, no matter which language they were written in, such applications are said to use "managed code."

Common Services
The CLR and VES runtime engines are similar to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). They provide a fundamental set of services that all programs use. The difference is that Java bytecode can also be interpreted as well as compiled, but the JVM supports only Java, not multiple programming languages. See .NET Framework.

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Winn, President and CEO of CLR said, "I am delighted to be joining RIAG.
Over the next five years, CLR expects to fund in excess of $15 million to its international tax software initiatives.
CLR derives its forward-looking statements from its operating budgets and forecasts, which are based upon detailed assumptions about many important factors such as product demand, market conditions, technological developments, and competitive activities.
With the addition of CLR technology and marketing capabilities, we expect to be able to enhance this package to address the practice management needs of medium to very large accounting firms.
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He has confirmed former education portfolio holder, Clr Shabir Pandor, as his deputy while Clrs Erin Hill, Peter McBride, Graham Turner and Viv Kendrick have returned to the jobs they had in the run-up to the May elections.
Cabinet members, Clrs Shabir Pandor, Graham Turner and Steve Hall are all up in 2016 along with Green party leader Clr Andrew Cooper.