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The processed DICOM images were rendered as three-dimensional images and were assigned colors and opacity by a 16-bit color lookup table (CLUT) editor to identify WFBs and BFBs from air and swine tissue [6].
Roedd Alt Clut yn rhan o deyrnas Strathclyde (neu'n enw arall arno), sef Ystrad Clud - dyffryn llydan yr afon Clud.
CLUT Charitable Lead A CLT that pays a fixed percentage of Unitrust the FMV of the trust's assets to charitable beneficiaries.
(35) On July 28, 2008, the IRS released sample forms for both inter vivos and testamentary charitable lead unitrusts (CLUTs).
Apres avoir decrit prealablement la position difficile dans laquelle se trouvent les artistes autochtones, qui doivent justifier le caractere proprement << autochtone >> de leur art (surtout lorsqu'il s'ecarte des representations occidentales dominantes), Sioui-Durand conclut clut en deplorant le manque de soutien des institutions publiques canadiennes au << reveil culturel >> (529) autochtone et souhaite qu'elles puissent s'inspirer des initiatives neo-zelandaises en ce sens.
A charitable lead annuity trust (CLAT) will pay the charity a fixed amount each year regardless of the income that the assets generate, whereas a charitable lead unitrust (CLUT) will pay the charity a fixed percentage of the value of the assets of the trust calculated annually.
Estate agents Clut tons recommend you insist a buyer instructs a solicitor on the day they have their offer accepted and commissions a survey within seven days to show an immediate financial commitment.
Bequer y Clut cargaron, de paso, contra los abusos que se cometian en la saca de moneda, cuyas licencias afirmaron que se vendian en publica subasta.
The order of countries holding the permanent committee' rotating presidency, as well as the order of national reports presented a meetings, followed 'the geographical order of the road', from west to east This clash of visions became visible occasionally in the planning conferences At the 1935 meeting Paul Duchaine, president of the Belgian touring clut and secretary-general of the AIT, stated majestically:
"I want to do well on their hehitlf, and for the clut), hut with only pounds 70, D0O to-spend I do not hare much scope, especially with .the prices beins askecL on the transfer market.
"Getting to two Champions League finals in three seasons i: a good achievement for this clut and shows how good a team we are," the 24-year-old said.