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A code management system from DEC.
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(1) See content management system and color management system.

(2) (Context Management Standard) Data retrieval uniformity in the healthcare field. See CCOW and healthcare IT.

(3) (Conversational Monitor System) A guest operating system that provides interactive communications for IBM's VM operating system. See CP/CMS and VM.

(4) (Call Management System) An AT&T call accounting package for its PBXs.

(5) (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) See healthcare IT.
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Currently, CMS has many alternatives available to it to protect the Trust Fund in liability and no-fault cases beyond shifting a massive regulatory burden onto beneficiaries and settling parties.
The effect of L-arginine on the carbon yield, morphology and surface chemical groups of CMs was researched.
Approximately one-third of consolidated debt (excluding debt at CMS's bank subsidiary EnerBank USA) is parent-level debt, which significantly increases consolidated leverage.
In the past, CMS let states handle some activities related to review of adequacy of the health plans offered through the HHS exchange enrollment and account administration system.
By excluding most hospital payment rates, CMS is arbitrarily limiting reported payment rates to the sector of the industry dominated by the two largest publicly traded laboratories.
On 15 July 2015, the Court ordered LAIP to pay $15,422,924 to CMS in respect of unpaid invoices.
"Simulations play a crucial role in particle-physics research and CMS is also making available the protocols for generating the simulations that are provided.
CMS also needs cooperation from commercial health insurers to maintain a strong supply of individual health insurance plans for both the off-exchange market and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) public exchange market.
CMS received cash merger consideration of USD 13.25 per share.
Only one foetus having 27.5cms CRL and 28 weeks gestation recorded of lowest reading of 0.6 cms. Similarly one foetus having 30.5cms CRL with gestational age 30 weeks showed the maximum breadth as 30.5 cms in contrast to 3 cms maximum breadth recorded in an adult left supra renal gland.