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(Cable Modem Termination System) A computer-based device that enables cable modems to send and receive packets over the Internet. It inserts IP packets from the Internet into MPEG frames and transmits them to the cable modems via an RF signal. It reverses the process coming from the cable modems.

A DOCSIS-compliant CMTS enables the customer's router or PC to dynamically obtain an IP address from the cable company by acting as a proxy and forwarding requests to DHCP servers. The CMTS may include a variety of functions, including filtering to protect against theft of service and denial-of-service attacks as well as preventing hackers from breaking into the cable system. It may also provide traffic shaping, which guarantees quality of service (QoS) to selected customers, and it may provide bridging or routing capabilities. See cable modem.

Cable Modem Infrastructure
A CMTS performs packet format conversion and IP address assignment (see DHCP). It may also provide routing, bridging, filtering and traffic shaping. The combiner merges the TV programming feeds with the RF data from the CMTS.

A Small CMTS
This CMTS supports approximately 1,300 users. It provides one downstream port of 40 Mbps and up to 6 upstream ports of 10 Mbps each. (Image courtesy of ADC Telecommunication, Inc.)
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It is currently expected that the number of cinemas using Huaxia CMTS's cinema ticketing system will reach 3,000 in the coming two years.
In a joint article titled, The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist, in the July-August 2014 issue of Harvard Business Review, editor of the ChiefMarTech blog Scott Brinker and Gartner VP Laura McLellan, the person behind the famous CMO-spending-more-than-CIO prediction, argued that a new type of executives called chief marketing technologist (CMT) is emerging.
A cable modem termination system (CMTS) equipment is most of the cases found in a cable company's headend or at the cable company hubsite.
Network infrastructure equipment includes Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS), Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers ([DSLAMs] by technology ADSL, G.SHDSL, and VDSL), and PON Optical Line Terminals ([OLTs] by technology BPON, EPON, and GPON).
Channel bonding with the BigBand Modular CMTS solution leverages interoperability and synergies between the company's established CMTS and edge QAM platforms.
Whatever one calls them, CMTs have emerged as one of the most strategic elements in the complex battle to preserve the temperate rainforest ecosystems of western North America.
Working closely with Nortel, MRS has installed the first CMTS system in a South African platinum mine.
A built-in diplex filter conveniently combines the upstream and downstream channels from the CMTS (or headend) into a single interface, allowing single or multiple subscriber devices to be tested.
The CCAP-capable E6000 CER continues the highly successful legacy of the Arris C4 CMTS and delivers new levels of density and cost-effectiveness in a simple, robust and integrated architecture.
-- ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 Wideband, delivering data speeds in the 300+ Mbp/s range utilizing the C4 CMTS and the 8Dx4U channel bonding capabilities of Touchstone DOCSIS CPE devices.