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symbol for the element radonradon
, gaseous radioactive chemical element; symbol Rn; at. no. 86; mass no. of most stable isotope 222; m.p. about −71°C;; b.p. −61.8°C;; density 9.73 grams per liter at STP; valence usually 0. Radon is colorless and the most dense gas known.
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At a press conference, Ioanna Yiasemi of the Cnaa said that each year, eight to 10 people in Cyprus die from overdose --mostly due to opioids.
The stakeA acquisition brings BPa[euro](tm)s holding in CNAA to a totalA 99.97%, following the acquisition of an 83% interest in April and the subsequent conversion of the Brazilian firma[euro](tm)s long-term debt into equity.
It will refinance 100 per cent of CNAA's long-term debts, which were included in the $680 million but not disclosed.
In the CNAA deal, BP will become the operator of two producing ethanol mills in the Brazilian states of Goias and Minas Gerais.
L'objectif premier assigne au centre etait la formation des artistes plasticiens qui, une fois les connaissances acquises, doivent quitter le CNAA pour s'installer a leur propre compte.
Interested speakers--please email a one-page outline of your talk, your current CV and a list of your prior speaking engagements to the Institute's education director Carol Hartwig, RN, MS, CNAA, BC, CLNC at Carol@LegalNurse.com.
"We're excited to be working with the staff of HealthCom Media," added ANA Chief Executive Officer Linda Stierle, MSN, RN, CNAA,BC.
"We're excited to be working with the staff of Health- Com Media," added ANA Chief Executive Officer Linda Stierle, MSN, RN, CNAA, BC.
Stierle, MSN, RN, CNAA, BC, Chief Executive Officer, American Nurses Association spoke to the role of nurses as advocates for patients and the natural extension of nurses embracing technology to improve quality, decrease errors and reduce inefficiencies.
KARLENE KERFOOT, PhD, RN, CNAA, FAAN, is Internal Consultant, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Houston, TX.
The decision by the Cyprus National Addictions Authority (Cnaa) to terminate the administering of Oxycontin as a substitution treatment for heroin addiction has led to the opioid being diverted into the black market, according to daily Politis.
British oil and gas group BP (LON:BP) on Friday said it had agreed to buy 83% in Brazilian ethanol and sugar producer Companhia Nacional de Acucar e Alcool (CNAA) for some USD680m (EUR494.2m), in a move to further its growth in the Brazilian biofuels sector.