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Turner Program Services International has secured a broadcast channel to beam CNN Radio (excerpts from the Atlanta-based Cable News Network [CNN]) into Africa.
Ford admits he was lucky to sign on with CNN Radio, a distinct service from the CNN Headline News used by KIXN, in December before the war in the Persian Gulf.
CNN Radio news, for which Ford pays a $75 monthly fee, runs at the top and bottom of each hour.
His national media appearances include interviews on the CBS Early Show, CNN Radio, and the Los Angeles Times.
Marketwatch, Dow Jones, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Boston Globe and CNN Radio were among the national outlets.
CNN wins lawsuit gaining right of equal participation in White House press pool; CNN Radio goes on the air
Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Forbes and CNN Radio were among the national outlets.
In small towns and rural areas, "the little 1,000-watt station that competes in newsgathering with the weekly newspaper is pretty much gone," says Robert Garcia, a member of the board of the Radio-Television News Directors Association and general manager of CNN Radio. "Those news operations are becoming very rare because of a lack of ad revenue.
National broadcast coverage appeared on CNNfn, CNN Radio, AP Radio and
CNN Radio, with some 550 affiliates, is trying to take advantage of its parent television network's formidable image as a worldwide news source.
(Westwood One/Unistar is a technical partner of CNN's, providing the satellite delivery of CNN Radio to 600 stations and CNN "Headline News" audio to another 170 stations.)