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HSE said north-east firm CNRI's measures to warn staff were "ineffective" as no general platform alarm was activated and no address was made to workers.
I oversee a team of metering engineers onshore who provide technical support to our customers - companies like CNRI, EnQuest, BP and Centrica - and for our technicians who are working offshore.
Le Conseil national de la Resistance iranienne (CNRI), vitrine politique des Moujahidine du peuple, a affirme jeudi avoir obtenu des informations sur "un nouveau site totalement secret destine au projet nucleaire du regime".
One hundred new Rita N4 network nodes are to be delivered to the French Army between 2013 and 2015, with the upgrade of 200 legacy nodes to the new higher capacity communications architecture, providing Combat Net Radio Integration (CNRI), trunk nodes with HCLOS and mobile satellite uplinks.
DSpace incorporates the use of the CNRI handle system for establishing persistent identifiers, an item is viewed when the title page is opened.
The networking lunch includes an update on DNS' activity as well as a presentation from CNR International (UK) Ltd (CNRI) on its decommissioning plans for the Murchison Field and Ninian Northern Platform.
The main cannabinoid receptor in the brain is called CB1 and is encoded by the CNRI gene, which is located on chromosome 6.
AAAI also congratulates Robert Elliot Kahn, AAAI fellow, who was recently named as a laureate of the 2008 Japan Prize in the 2008 category of "Information Communication Theory and Technology." Kahn, chairman, CEO & president of Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), and his corecipient, Vinton G.
The EU Council is violating the rule of law," declared Mohammad Mohadessin, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (CNRI), the political wing of the OMPI.