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Mark Wilson, Structural Technical Authority at CNRI said, The support we get from Fugro is a vital part of our overall integrity management of this key asset.
Selon le CNRI, "le site est un nouveau centre destine a des activites nucleaires.
Johnston, Presentation at CNRI Gigabit Testbed Workshop, June 1993.
Government or CNRI, and no official endorsement should be inferred.
CNRI is the organization that conceived of the project.
Agreements have been signed with many national NGOs/Trusts/Societies like CSC, PCI, CNRI, Shree Tapovan vikas Trust, Indian Red Cross Society, Lions Club, CISSIL, CMAI, IMA, Vignan Bharathi, Bharat Sevak Samaj etc.
La situation est explosive dans la societe iranienne, la population veut le changement, le regime actuel n'a aucun avenir mais l'Iran est en proie a une repression inimaginable", explique Mme Radjavi, presidente elue du CNRI, dont les Moudjahidine du peuple sont la principale composante.
El CNRI, curiosamete, se presenta al mundo como "el parlamento en el exilio de la resistencia irani .
Kahn founded CNRI in 1986 as a not-for-profit organization to provide leadership and funding for research and development for the National Information Infrastructure.
The underlying technology for the DOI system was developed by the CNRI (http://www.
Corporations, including Ciena, Cisco, CNRI, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Infinera, Microsoft Research, NEC, Netronome, SPARTA, and Qwest will work with these academic teams.
This is the second round of UKCS renewals announced by Petrofac, with the award earlier this year of a number of operations and maintenance contracts, worth US$400 million, from customers including CNRI and Eni.