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river, c.466 mi (750 km) long, rising in S Honduras and flowing E into Nicaragua and then NE to the Caribbean Sea. Part of the Mosquito CoastMosquito Coast
or Mosquitia
, region, east coast of Nicaragua and Honduras. The name is derived from the Miskito, the indigenous inhabitants and remnants of the Chorotega, who were never conquered by the Spanish. Never exactly delimited, the region is a belt c.
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 region, and once the object of dispute between Honduras and Nicaragua, the middle and lower course forms the boundary between the two countries. The Coco River was formerly known as the Segovia River.
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The Tandy Color Computer with a Motorola MC6809E CPU. The Dragon is a CoCo clone. The CoCo was as powerful as the IBM XT at the time it was made, and could run OS-9.
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The present paper first develops a general Levy framework for the first-passage time model to price CoCos with all-at-once conversion.
The United Kingdom, seeking to wind down its colonies to the east of the Suez in the post-WWII era, transferred sovereignty of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands to Australia in 1955.
This would require the cooperation of the shareholders at the time of the conversion of the CoCos into shares of the issuer.
When cocos with a low CET1 trigger, such as 5 percent of risk-weighted assets, are activated, the issuing bank is likely to be close to the point of non-viability where the relevant national authority would be called upon to resolve the institution.
Also Asian Tribune located a coconut palm' or Cocos n
In its 18-page petition for review, PDSC said the COCOs were "wholly owned and operated by Chevron Services, a company that has the same stockholders and practically the same directors and officers as Chevron, the so-called supplier."
cocos act like bonds, until something happens which causes them to convert to shares - some lose their value completely when this event occurs and it is important to know exactly what will happen in the event of a trigger.
The investors bought the high-yield Coco bonds (earning higher interest rate than was paid on bank deposits) in 2010 and 2011, but were outraged when interest payments were suspended, after the Greek haircut inflicted big losses on both banks, and value of the bonds fell.
And we have been relying on cocos to meet some of the gap.
The eight were crew members of a Royal Air Force plane that left Cocos Island on August 23, 1945, to drop supplies for prisoners of war in what was then Malaya.