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A computer show that is held twice yearly, once in the spring (in Atlanta) and once in autumn (in Las Vegas). Comdex is a major show during which new releases of software and hardware are made. Microsoft, for example, often annouces its products at Comdex.
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The former, premier computer trade show in the U.S. Although it grew into an end user event, it was originally created for dealers and distributors (it was the COMputer Dealers EXposition). COMDEX was originally developed by The Interface Group, which was acquired by Japanese SOFTBANK Corporation in 1995, and then by Key3Media Group in 2001.

After financial struggles that resulted in temporary bankruptcy, Key3Media renamed itself MediaLive International, Inc. in 2003. A new management team canceled COMDEX 2004 in Las Vegas and commissioned an independent survey of IT buyers in order to redesign the event for maximum effect. In 2010, COMDEX re-emerged as COMDEX Virtual, an online presentation simulating the live event. See COMDEX Virtual.

Fall COMDEX - Las Vegas
In 1979, the first Fall COMDEX had 157 exhibitors and 4,000 attendees. By the turn of the century, it had grown to more than 2,000 exhibitors and 200,000 attendees, but by 2003, tapered off to less than a quarter of those numbers due to the high tech slump.

In its heyday, Fall COMDEX was a spectacular event. Housed in two Las Vegas convention centers and several hotels, shuttle buses escorted attendees between venues. Waiting in lines for a bus was legendary, although often a welcome relief after walking the lengthy corridors.

COMDEX/Spring was first held in New York in 1981 with 237 exhibitors and 11,000 attendees. Subsequent events were held in various locations including Atlantic City, Atlanta and Chicago. See trade shows.
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Further, Table 11 shows changes in the independent variables; MCX COMDEX and S&P NIFTY with one-day lag show speed of adjustment in the short run if any disequilibrium exists.
The virtual Comdex will target a narrower group of dealers, resellers and systems integrators, Levin said.
It began a long process of deflation and with that came down the marketing budgets that had fueled much of the activity at the shows and the million two plus square feet of the circus-like atmosphere that many people would ascribe to COMDEX.
In what clearly was intended as a pivotal moment for the IT world and media, Fox Group CEO Peter Chernin appeared before the assembled techno-pros as the first media executive ever to deliver a keynote address at COMDEX. For an hour, he challenged the audience to rethink piracy.
When NSA staff at HQ asked for an article about DVDs and CDs, I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about one of the most exciting items displayed at the COMDEX computer show in Las Vegas in November 2001.
Although last fall's COMDEX didn't feature any groundbreaking technologies or earth-shattering news, some products did stand out.
Others big shows also out-done by IMTS's size: Pack Expo (packaging), Comdex (information technology), the National Plastics Expo, and the Consumer Electronics Show.
(HP), Philips Electronics, and Ricoh Company, Ltd., three of the six CD-ReWritable technology industry leaders supporting the DVD+RW format, displayed prototype DVD+RW drives during an event held at Fall COMDEX 2000.
Halvorsen came back from this fall's Comdex computer trade show with a fresh perspective on the technologies driving tomorrow's home-office needs.
Those concerns were on display at the recent Comdex show in Las Vegas, the gigantic computer trade show where, the joke goes, 200,000 technology geeks show up with one shirt, one idea and one $20 bill that they don't gamble with.