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The trained S-6 is key to protecting combat units from COMINT and other forms of communications and automation exploitation.
76) The Pacific Fleet COMINT summary for 26 November mentioned no carriers but commented that the Third Fleet, with which the carriers usually were associated, had not yet left the Sasebo area.
The final effort by the USAFSS to supply airborne COMINT directly to the war fighter occurred in a project known as Blue Sky.
Guardrail has been the Army's aerial COMINT land ELINT collection workhorse for more than 40 years.
In May an EC-121D fitted with the Rivet Gym COMINT package performed in-theater flight tests, leading to deployment of the system in June with six aircraft being modified by June 30, 1968.
The cause was probably due to the inappropriate SSB frequency selected for that distance and time of day Mound 9:20 PM the ROC COMINT station lost the U-2 position information that they received from intercepting the communication of the ChiCom air defense system.
The TES-FWD's Tactical Communications Support Processor (TCSP) transmits and receives NRT high-priority COMINT message traffic and intelligence reporting.
For example, for a Cache Exploitation assessment, the GEOINT section analyzes historical data, whether it is GMTI, COMINT, and/or Imagery to detect changes in the environment.
PLATH is a specialist in COMINT and Electronic Warfare systems covering the complete intelligence cycle from sensors to knowledge.
Before DTI, Tom was a DSP engineer at the Watkins-Johnson Company, a leading government supplier of COMINT electronic warfare solutions.
Microphase Corporation has 50 plus years of history in microwave and RF design, engineering and delivering high-performance filters, switch filters, multiplexers, detectors, limiters, DLVA's, SDLVA's, integrated assemblies and sub-systems for advanced military communications and electronic warfare, EW, ECM ESM, RWR, ELINT, COMINT and SIGINT systems applications.
The V3021 is optimized for the type of real-time data flow and processing found in applications such as COMINT, ELINT, situational awareness systems, security, and network monitoring and optimization.