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"We're thrilled to welcome Phaedra aboard during this exciting period of growth for the company," says Spencer Hoyt, Comit Developers CEO.
Another advantage for the bank is the experience of the implementation partner: Comit was in charge of several previous migration projects and has now taken on the operation of the new core banking platform.
Marcel Walker, CEO of Comit AG, said: "The BLKB board placed a great deal of trust in us during this project.
The printed version of Comit QRCs are popular among designers of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), and have been distributed in tens of thousands since 1998.
"We are pleased to offer the Comit QRCs on handheld devices," said Niladri Roy, Comit's director of Marketing.
He is an excellent addition to the team and we look forward to his contribution and fully support his efforts in the community." -Spencer Hoyt, Managing Partner, Comit Developers.

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