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The supposition that each confederacy into which the States would be likely to be divided would require a government not less comprehensive than the one proposed, will be strengthened by another supposition, more probable than that which presents us with three confederacies as the alternative to a general Union.
Arnold's doctrine, of course, was not perfectly comprehensive nor free from prejudices; but none could be essentially more useful for his generation or ours.
On entering the room, the old sailor stopped short and made his excuses in this brief yet comprehensive form of words, with his back against the door: "Please your honor, I'm ashamed of myself." So the apology began and ended.
Wopsle in a comprehensive black cloak, being descried entering at the turnpike, the gravedigger was admonished in a friendly way, "Look out!
"Lucid, but ambiguous; pathetic, but amusing; poetical, but comprehensive; prosaical, but full of emphasis.
I suspect that in this comprehensive and (may I say) commonplace censure, you are not judging from yourself, but from prejudiced persons, whose opinions you have been in the habit of hearing.
National rank: 605 3 Egglescliffe School Authority: Stockton-on-Tees Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed TOTAL SCORE 54 ....
2 Emmanuel College Authority: Gateshead Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed 68 .....
National rank: 392 4Batley Girls High School Authority: Kirklees Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Girls TOTAL SCORE 61 .....
Musculoskeletal company Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc (NYSE:ZBH)( SIX:ZBH) stated on Monday that it has completed the first surgical case with its US FDA approved Comprehensive Augmented Baseplate in a patient with glenoid defects undergoing shoulder reconstruction.
We are delighted to introduce Mercedes-Benz Comprehensive Care to ensure that every vehicle continues to run the way our engineers intended.

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