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Under the new authorization, CONSOL management may purchase, from time to time, outstanding shares of CONSUL'S common stock, its 11.00% Senior Secured Second Lien Notes due 2025, amounts outstanding under its Term Loan B and Term Loan A Facilities, and common units of CONSOL Coal Resources LP ("CCR units").
And for the media sector, ConSol will present Focal Point
The "positive" listing means the agency would either raise or affirm Consol's ratings at the end of a review, which will examine the company's use of proceeds from the Noble deal, its revised spending agenda and the impact of the transaction on its overall business risk profile.
Consol, one of the nation s top four coal producers, has been expanding its shipments of coal to Asian steel producers, but remains mainly a shipper of thermal coal to U.S.
In January, CONSOL Energy said that 2009 production of metallurgical coal from the Buchanan Mine was expected to be approximately 3.1 million tons -- less than the mine's current capacity -- based on expected sales.
"Consol is the only company in the UK to comply with an EU declaration significantly limiting the output of sunbeds to minimise any risk of burning.
Wooten, a lawyer and lobbyist from Consol Energy, a leading West Virginia mine-owner, to direct the state's Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training?
Germany's second biggest energy group RWE has sold a 24.7% stake in US mining group Consol for Euro 218 million, to an unnamed private investor.
Career Summary: 1974-'87, Various domestic and international positions at DuPont Co.; 1987-'98, VP & Treasurer, then SVP Administration, CONSOL Inc.; 1999-Aug.
For example, Consol Energy ( is projected to earn over $170 million in 2001 from sales of about 0.85 billion [m.sup.3] of CMM/CBM, according to the company.